We have the Engineering Team and Resources to Partner with You

Betts Spring Engineering

Our team understands what it takes to successfully manage projects of all sizes. We follow the principles of project management outlined by Project Management Institute (PMI) and are certified to ISO9001:2015 standards of the International Standards Organization. Our engineering team utilizes the latest SolidWorks 3D design software in combination with spring design software to create efficient product designs.

Our Fresno, CA based campus allows ready access to the resources of California State University Fresno campus for design validation and other services. When beneficial, our partnership with Exova Testing Laboratories provides Betts Spring Manufacturing with access to the world’s largest dedicated testing group.

Through our close ties with industry groups Spring Research Institute and Spring Manufacturers Institute we’re able to contribute to the technological advancements within the industry.

Here are a few examples of services our team has provided:

  • We’ve worked with Global 500 companies to produce vehicle hood opening components. These components range from extension springs and torsion bars to assemblies of unique hood support/opening systems.
  • We’ve designed vehicle suspension springs for OE and aftermarket partners.
  • We’ve worked with large defense contractors to fulfill their need for CARC coated parts.

We will work with you to identify the most suitable materials, performance specifications, and coatings to fit your application. If needed our team can reverse engineer almost any spring through measurement analysis and physical testing.

We look forward to joining your team in development of solutions for your application requirements.