Forward thinking and innovation are at the heart of Betts Company and its three divisions. With a long history providing transportation parts and services of the highest quality, we don’t just meet customer expectations — we exceed them, time and time again. But for Betts, it’s more than just providing a quality product. We’re dedicated to improving the quality of life for our associates, customers and suppliers, all the while maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct and conserving our environment.


Betts Company will be known as a world-class facilitator of movement, serving the transportation industry and other industrial sectors through our three business units. We do this by providing leadership and strategic direction, and by fostering a community that upholds The Betts Way. Perceived as a leading manufacturer and distributor of products in its industries, Betts Company will be admired and respected for its integrity, humanity and professionalism, as well as the high quality and outstanding value of its products.


The fundamental purpose of Betts Company is to help people and things get where they’re going easier, faster and safer. We strive to exceed customer, supplier and associate expectations with quality, responsiveness, innovation and value, bringing passion, originality and commitment to everything we do.


  • Respect Everyone — We provide our associates with a positive work environment, full of opportunity for personal and professional development.
  • Aim for Excellence — Our excellence is grounded in the pursuit of continuous improvement.
  • Share Your Passion — We are passionate about what we do, how we do it, and for whom we do it.
  • Work Smart — Shared focus and strong work ethic means everything we do progresses toward a well-defined goal.
  • Take Care — We consider ourselves good stewards and continually strive for sustainability and safety for our people, our customers and the environment.
  • Act Ethically — We hold ourselves and our company to the highest standards at all times.
  • Communicate — We believe in speaking our minds and listening to what others have to say in an environment of openness, honesty and mutual trust.